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Big Block Chevy New Products - What's New In Rat Power

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If you are looking to use a Quadrajet carb to feed your 396, 402, 427, 454, 496, or 502, then check out this ready to go unit from Jet. This carb is designed for big-block motors with a dual-plane intake, headers, 8.5-9.5:1 compression ratio, and mild ported or aftermarket heads. Jet recommends using a cam with these specs, duration @50 0.050 min 210 degrees, max 240 degrees and lobe separation angle of 110-114 degrees to make best use of the carb. It comes with a one year warranty.

Jet Performance Products

Kenne Bell has introduced a new Boost-A-Pump, which increases the flow of any eletric fuel pump up to 50-percent thereby eliminating the need for larger and more expensive pumps and fuel lines. This is the same basic unit used with all Kenne Bell supercharger kits. It's easy to install and works on any GM electric pump.

Kenne Bell

Moroso introduces a new steel, wet sump, 6.5-quart oil pan for street/strip big-blocks. The pan was designed with a sump that has flat sides to alleviate header clearance problems with some exhaust header brands. The flat sides eliminate the need to change headers or perform fabrication work to the kicked out sump of the oil pan. Based on a stroker oil pan core that will accommodate a 4.75-inch stroke with most steel rods and 4.5-inch stroke with most aluminum rods. It also features a crank scraper, uni-directional windage tray, trap baffling and an anti-climb baffle for oil control under hard acceleration and deceleration.

Moroso Performance Products

The APS starter from MSD features all new components beginning with a three horsepower motor. With a 4.4:1 reduction gear set, it delivers enough torque for high-compression racing engines. Inside the downsized housing you'll find a balanced armature that receives guidance by two ball bearings for smooth engagement. Another handy feature is that the billet-mounting block can be rotated in different positions to help clear oil pans and suspension parts. Also, the starter is powder coated MSD red and will stay looking good, even though it's underneath your car.

MSD Ignition

If you're building a Rat that's really big, you'll need cylinder heads that can provide enough airflow. Patriot Performance has introduced its 320 and 360 heads to address the needs of those who want to make serious horsepower. Both heads are cast from 356 T-5 aluminum. The 320cc heads come with either a 2.25- or 2.300-inch intake valve, while the 360s can be ordered with only the 2.300-inch intake valve. Both heads utilize a 1.880-inch exhaust valve. The 320 can be set up with springs for either a hydraulic roller cam or a solid roller, while the 360 is set up with a 0.800-inch solid roller spring only. According to the folks at Patriot, the 320 can be used on engines up to 530 ci and capable of supporting 775 hp, while the 360s are designed for engines 530 cubes or larger and can support over 800 ponies.

Patriot Performance

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