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Big Block Chevy New Products - What's New In Rat Power

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Eagle has several new products to push the limits of your standard-deck or tall-deck height 454 or 502 block. The rotating assemblies utilizing a 43/8-inch stroke crankshaft net you a 511 using a 454 with +0.060 pistons. In a 4.500 bore 502 block, you will have 557. Eagle also has 4.750-inch stroke cranks and assemblies for tall-deck 454 and 502 blocks. Now you can build that 632 "mountain motor" economically for serious power. As with all Eagle competition assemblies, the crank is forged 4340 chromoly steel. Rods are Eagle's forged 4340 chrome-moly steel H-beam. Pistons are forged 4032 Mahle featuring skirt and ring land coatings. Rings are plasma moly file-fit, and bearings are Clevite77 "H" series. Internally balancing is available and optional ESP Armor will provide a limited one-year warranty.

Eagle Specialty Products

Eddie Motorsports' new valve covers are specifically designed to work on big-block engines that need clearance for stud girdles and roller rockers. They are cast from high quality aluminum and machine finished across the face to insure a consistent surface for polishing. They are also available Fusioncoated by special order. Each set includes an oil fill hole and cap on one cover and stainless steel bolts and washers.

Eddie Motorsports

The new Edelbrock RPM Xtreme cylinder heads for 427-572 big-blocks strive to provide race-level performance in a streetable design envelope. CNC machined runners and combustion chambers achieve flow numbers nearly on par with the Victor series professional race head, while maintaining compatibility with off-the-shelf or even stock components, including headers, pistons and rocker arms. The deck has been rolled 1.5-degrees to improve the intake valve angle and consequently port velocity, while ensuring that the 2.250 (oval)/2.300 (rect.) intake and 1.880 exhaust valves will still clear the factory valve relief. The exhaust flange has been raised less than 1/8-inch to improve flow around the short turn without causing conflicts with off-the-shelf 2-inch primary tube headers designed to work with stock heads.


Holley HP EFI for standard and tall-deck, oval port and rectangle port big-blocks will get you to the cruise or race track in no time. The 1,000 cfm throttle bodies to feed up to 750-hp and the 2,000 cfm throttle bodies feed up to 1,100hp. The new HP ECUs come with four inputs and outputs and can control boost, progressive nitrous, water or methanol injection, timing retards and more. Plus the HP ECUs have self-learning fuel strategies, so you don't have to be a tuning wizard to use them. The system includes an intake manifold, billet throttle body, ECU, wiring harness, fuel rails, and related small parts. Fuel pump and injectors are available separately to fit your requirements.

Holley Performance Products

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