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1969 Camaro Pulley System - Another Makeover

With A Concept One Pulley System

By Dakota Wentz, Photography by Jason Scudellari, Dakota Wentz

Each wide kit with power steering comes complete with an aluminum water pump, a power steering pump, a crank pulley, a water pump pulley, an alternator pulley, a power steering pulley, an alternator bracket and arm, a power steering bracket with brace, an A/C compressor bracket and arm, an alternator fan, an alternator pulley cover, an A/C compressor cover, a remote power steering pump reservoir, Goodyear Gatorback belts, and chrome-plated hardware.

Concept One also offers several upgrade options, one being the mini-reservoir. Instead of going with a remote power steering pump reservoir, we went with the optional mini-reservoir, which we'll dive into more down the road. And one more thing: Before you get your pulleys and begin installing, take a picture beforehand, and then check out the aftermath. Hopefully, you too will get that "wowzers" slap in the face.

By Dakota Wentz
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