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How to Install the Fast EZ-EFI Unit - EFI Evolution

We ditch our archaic '80s-era throttle body injection for a more capable EFI system that'll make the most of our engine.

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Ok. Let's start by stating the obvious … fuel injection has a come a long way since the '80s. You know it, we know it, and anyone with a car built in the last 10 years knows it. So, we'll skip the history lesson and rehash of what everyone knows already when it comes to EFI.

Here we have our '92 Camaro RS. A factory 305/automatic car, we picked it up for $800. No rust, never been in an accident, 205k miles on the odometer, and in overall good shape other than a worn out interior and non-functional power windows. But in the world of third gens, unless you've got manual windows, at some time or another yours stopped working too.

The factory L03 engine was rated at 170 HP, not bad for the time when it came to a base V-8, and healthy on the torque side. The L03 was the optional engine for the RS model (TPI engines could only be had with the Z28) and came equipped with a throttle body injection unit controlled by GM's Histrionics computer system. For its day the system got the job done, and since most TBI engines were left alone mod wise, they were more than adequate. Today there are still millions of them out there doing the job of mixing fuel and air for the engines in various GM cars and trucks.

But for anyone looking for performance, this system just isn't up to the task. After we installed a new Chevrolet Perofrmance Fast Burn 385 crate engine in place of the tired 305, we left the old TBI system in place to see how it would respond. While the car ran fine, we could tell the TBI unit was choking the engine for power, and the dinosaur EFI system did not really give us anywhere to go for trying to tune it. Years ago there were plenty of companies burning performance chips for older GM computers, but today most of them are gone.

Looking for the best solution that would make future mods easy, we decided on FAST's EZ-EFI self-adaptive fuel system. Using a high-pressure, fuel injector-equipped four-barrel throttle body, EZ-EFI is FAST's user friendly system that requires no laptop tuning, no complicated tuning software, and can be installed on almost any engine as long as the intake will accept the throttle body. It features an adaptive learning system that, once a set of base parameters are set (engine size, number of cylinders, etc.) will handle adjusting the various parameters until it finds the optimal settings for everything. All you have to do is drive the car around while the computer does the work. It's that simple.

Follow along and we'll show you…

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