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Fabricating Stainless Steel Coolant Transfer Tubes

If you're like me, when you hoof it around a car show, you're usually looking for the details--things that make a car stand out among the rest. It might be some meticulous panel alignment (where the gaps are just right), a tastefully done taillight swap, or a trick set of fasteners under the hood. Details definitely separate the cars that judges look at quickly--from those that become scrutinized (and ultimately chosen for awards).

Whether you're building a car from the ground up, or just adding some spicy new accessories under the hood, your choices are limited when it comes to radiator hoses. Sure, there are a few kits on the market that help add some flash. You can also purchase those cool looking blue hoses, if, that is, they're available for your particular application. Here's another idea. How about custom-made, polished stainless steel transfer tubes? You can purchase the raw materials (stainless steel U-bends) for about $50 each to fabricate upper and lower tubes. If, in fact, your existing hoses aren't unusually long, that's about the same price as one of those aftermarket shiny hose kits (one meaning upper, or lower). We'll show you how.

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