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1982 Chevy Malibu Wagon Hotchkis TVS Extreme Kit Install - Respect The Wagon

Handling And Comfort In One Snappy Package.

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Now we don't mind if you refer to our little wagon as a grocery getter, but all we ask is that you do so with a little respect. You never know, we might have to unload our camera gear and show you what this thing will do on the autocross. We're pretty sure you'll be surprised.

Stopping The Slop
On the drive home from Hotchkis, one thing became painfully clear: While the ride was hugely improved, the vague and sloppy steering was now a glaring deficiency. With a huge dead spot in the middle, it was nearly impossible to fully appreciate the wagon's newfound handling prowess. Since Hotchkis didn't offer a steering box for our application, we stopped by Classic Performance Products (CPP) for a little help.

By The Numbers
We've done quite a bit of testing over the years, and have yet to back down from any sort of a suspension challenge, but we didn't feel 100 percent confident that our wagon would hold up under the rigors of our testing requirements with the stock suspension and sloppy steering. Besides, the stock stuff was so worn out, that we really wouldn't have gotten valuable data. So we thought it would be interesting to show how our '82 wagon fared against some stock, factory-built performance cars we've recently tested.

420-ft Slalom 200-ft Skidpad
Stock '02 Z06 Corvette 49.3 mph 0.98g
Stock '10 Camaro SS 46.2 mph 0.86g
'82 Malibu Wagon 45.5 mph 0.80g
Stock '01 Camaro Z28 44.7 mph 0.87g
Classic Performance Products
378 E Orangethorpe Ave.
CA  92870
El Toro Field / AMCI
El Toro Field
CA  92618
Hotchkis Performance
12035 Burke Street
Suite 13
Santa Fe Springs
CA  90670
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