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1955-1957 Chevy Air Ride Suspension - Out Gettin' Slammed

We install cool new parts from Air Ride Technologies in a bare-bones 1957 Chevy

By Dakota Wentz, Photography by David Stoker

Once everything is squared away, weld the brackets to the axle 1 inch at a time to avoid warping the axle.

Mount the ShockWave to the axle using the billet bracket on the axle, and then mount the four-link bars to the axle brackets. When mounting the ShockWaves, there is a driver- and passenger-side bracket; the correct bracket will offset the ShockWave toward the wheel.

With the axle in place, install the diagonal link using the spacers and hardware.

The final product should look similar to this.

With the back all wrapped up, it's time to install the Air Ride StrongArms with ShockWave bags. Here's a bird's-eye view of the Air Ride setup.

The Air Ride kit comes with bushings and ball joints, but they're not installed. Use the Air Ride hardware and bolt up the ball joints.

The kit does come with bushings, but one thing it doesn't come with are new cross-shafts. Therefore, either use the old ones, or buy a set of new, aftermarket cross-shafts. No matter which one you use, there is some grinding on the cross-shaft in order for it to fit in the StrongArm.

By Dakota Wentz
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