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1969 Nova Suspension Kit - Flat Lining

We Get This '69 Nova Flatter In The Curves With A Suspension Kit From CPP.

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The new 1-inch sway bar (PN CP136U, $149) is much more stout compared to the stock one we removed, and it should help tame the Nova's tendency to roll over during hard turns.

Included with the sway bar are all the end links and bushings needed for the installation. Here's what it looked like fully bolted in place.

The only thing left for us to do up front was to slide in the new front KYB gas shocks (PN KY-1000, $39 each). Shocks are one of those things you can spend a ton of money on, but these should be a big improvement over our worn-out stockers and they only set us back around 160 bucks for all four corners.

Behold the finished front suspension. If only the rest of the car looked this good!

The rear multileaf springs (PN RL12, $282) had a stock height and would do a much better job of keeping the Nova planted to the ground. We also used CPP's installation kit (PN R361, $112), which included all the hardware including the shackles and U-bolts.

With the new multileaf springs installed, we finished up by bolting in the KYB gas shocks (PN KY-1107, $39 each). After a trip down to the alignment shop we were ready to head over to California Speedway to test our new hardware.

There's two ways to go from monoleaf to multileaf springs. The first way is to weld the correct pads onto your axle tubes. If you're building a new rear then this is the best way to go since you need to weld on pads anyway. The deeper multileaf pads (PN E3478, $70) can be seen next to the shorter monoleaf pads (PN E3477, $70). In our case we didn't want to cut and weld, so we used short half-inch pads from CPP that let us run the multileaf springs with the monoleaf pads.

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