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1969 Camaro Subframe - Like It's On Rails Project American Heroes Two

Project American Heroes 2 Gets A Detroit Speed And Engineering Front Subframe And Suspension Package.

By Arvid Svendsen, Photography by Arvid Svendsen

All parts included in the DSE subframe package are laid out before bolting it up to the Camaro shell. Though powdercoating is available, Route 66 Motorsports owner Bill Jelinek chose to leave the parts uncoated in order to paint as desired.

Quality of construction is flawless. Suspension geometry is tested and proven to provide incredible performance for the future owner of Project American Heroes 2.

The DSE coilover shocks feature "Detroit Tuned" valving and coilover springs specifically tailored for each application. Coilover springs are easily installed on the shock and ready for installation.

Choosing to assemble the passenger side first, the DSE coilover is attached at the upper mount.

These new tubular lower control arms are shipped complete with lower ball joints, steering stops, and jounce bumpers. All mounting hardware is included in the DSE subframe package.

The DSE upper control arms are installed on the subframe. Upper control arms feature stainless steel cross-shaft for strength and corrosion resistance. Suspension geometry is improved over stock by increasing camber gain and improving roll camber.

The DSE lower control arms are simply a work of art, a spectacular combination of strength, function, and beauty. Features include tubular design with gussets and cross brace, Delrin bushings with steel housings, and crush tubes.

Lower control arm engineering includes a tubular design with gussets and cross brace, Delrin bushings with steel housings and crush tubes, and a black powdercoat finish, if desired. The geometry features include additional positive caster and a dropped spring pocket compared to stock.

By Arvid Svendsen
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