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1970 Chevy Nova Front Suspension - Build 'Em If You Got 'Em

Frustrated With Your Factory Clip? Build It Better

There is no need to be kind and gentle to the parts being removed.

We plan to reuse the spindles and steering arms. The rest will end up in the recycling bin.

A short time later we have built a nice pile of aging parts. It kind of looks like modern art sculpture, doesn't it? We don't plan on reusing the steering box, pitman arm, or centerlink. The steering portion of this clip is another story for another day. As for the rest of the parts, we tossed them into the scrap bin.

This is it, in all of its faded glory.

It's time to load the subframe into the back of the truck, and head over to the shop to have it sandblasted.

A big thank you to the crew at Jericho in Colton, California. Jericho handled all the sandblasting of the clip as well as the powdercoating process.

When the blasting of the clip was completed, it was loaded into the truck, and brought back to the shop for some surgery.

Here is the reason we are back at the shop with the freshly cleaned clip. These two photos illustrate just how terrible some of the factory welds can be.

We don't know whether this clip was built on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Suffice it to say that the large gaps in the seams where the welder completely missed are not acceptable.

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