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1970 Chevy Nova Front Suspension - Build 'Em If You Got 'Em

Frustrated With Your Factory Clip? Build It Better

Several months ago, we talked to the crew over at Global West Suspension. During our conversation, we told them about an ugly duckling 1970 Nova that recently came into our possession. During our conversation we tossed ideas back and forth trying to figure out what to do with this $250 Nova. The guys at Global tossed a suggestion at us that we hadn't really given a whole lot of thought. Why not keep the factory clip, and rebuild it? We're not just talking about bolt-on parts, but really work it over. Once the clip is refurbished, the bolting on of the performance parts could commence. After some thought about what it would take, we decided to give it a go-that meant sandblasting, grinding out the old factory welds, re-welding it again, and then powdercoating it. We gave our friend Harry Ortis at Harrison's Performance a call, and had him assist us in this task. This is definitely a down and dirty, hands on approach, but if you've already got a clip under your car why not build it? Let's dig in deep and redo this OEM clip.

Before we get started it would only be appropriate to show you the pictures of this clip before we rebuilt it. It kind of looks like it was sitting at the bottom of a lake doesn't it?

Years under a non-running, neglected Nova were not kind to it.

Make sure your tetanus shots are up to date...

...before disassembling!

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