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1965 Chevrolet Bel Air Suspension - Big Car Canyon Carver

Nailing it Down

By Arvid Svendsen, Photography by Arvid Svendsen

The new sway bar end links are provided by Hotchkis, and line up exactly for attaching to the sway bar.

The front sway bar Polygraphite bushings are far superior to the rubber factory units. Insides of the bushings receive a healthy dose of grease that is supplied by Hotchkis for lubrication.

Brackets for the Hotchkis sway bar require the existing front factory hole to be enlarged, and one new hole to be drilled. Bushing slips around the bar and the bushing bracket is bolted in place.

Moving to the rear suspension, the stock rear factory sway bar is removed, leaving the stock upper and lower trailing arms ready for removal. Notice the aftermarket air bags in the coils for "load leveling purposes" (read "Test and Tune" nights).

The stock upper trailing arm is unbolted and removed.

The Hotchkis upper trailing arm comes with zerk fittings. Dealing with cars that have altered ride height, the trailing arms are double adjustable to change the pinion angle.

By Arvid Svendsen
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