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Camaro Air Suspension - Camairo

Air Suspension For The '93-02 Camaro

Photography by Courtesy Of Air Ride Technologies

Another trick innovation that Air Ride Technologies offers is its RidePro solenoid-operated control system. This uses small electric switches triggering individual solenoids for adjusting air pressure. The solenoid units are rated 'Bubble Tight' which is an industry term to describe a very tight and leak-proof unit. The electrical connectors are Weather-Pak OEM-style components that insure dry, clean, and corrosion-free electrical connections. Because these solenoids are not adapted industrial parts but specifically engineered automotive use items, they avoid the pitfalls of the non-automotive pieces not designed for or adequate for most automotive use. The RidePro units are laser-etched with port markings so the job of keeping the plumbing straight is a no-brainer.

You can choose analog gauges in black- or whiteface as well as a digital unit. With the analogs, you will still run air lines to the gauges, but these are 1/8 lines and take up lots less space. If you go digital, the gauge and control unit is purely electrical and no air lines are required at the controls. Instead a bank of pressure senders is mounted near the RidePro solenoid array. Set it up carefully and this system takes on the look and operation characteristics of high-end OEM stuff.

Well, all that's well and good, but it's about time to show you how this installation is done. Rodney Mason popped the Camaro up on the ART lift and performed a successful air suspension transplant. Considering he's the guy that did much of the basic design for the kits, he probably knows the shortest way to get the job done.

Air Ride Technologies
350 S. Charles St
IN  47546
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