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Monte Carlo Shocks - Best Of Both Worlds

Shock Tuning Made Easy

Hotchkis Performance Test Data
Monte Carlo
Yokohama AVS S/T
225/55R17s & 255/50R17s
Tire psi. F40 / R37

Shocks (setting) Pass MPH AVG
Comments: Good balance with predictable and manageable handling.
KYB shocks 1 56.59
2 59.23
3 58.78
4 58.19
5 58.61
6 59.29 58.44

Comments: It was immediately evident that the rears were too stiff with choppy ride quality; the car had slight oversteer when changing direction.

QA1 Front: 6 1 53.23
QA1 Rear: 8 2 55.33 54.28

Comments: We adjusted the front to full soft to see if the above characteristic of oversteer would increase dramatically, but it was only a small increase in oversteer. Speeds increased from previous runs, but ride quality was the limiting speed.

QA1 Front: 1 1 57.13
QA1 Rear: 8 2 57.96
3 58.24 57.77

Comments: We adjusted the rear down which gave added grip, front and rear, with less oversteer. Big ride-quality improvement and a more balanced feel was experienced when changing direction. We could feel the rear springs working while the rearend was more compliant to changing road surfaces.

QA1 Front: 1 1 57.78
QA1 Rear: 5 2 58.91
3 59.29 58.66

Comments: We adjusted the rear down again. We continued in this direction because the overall balance was getting better and better. The front and rear were working well together through slalom with good front bite at turn-in. The rear was confidence inspiring with the best grip of all runs.

QA1 Front: 1 1 58.98
QA1 Rear: 2 2 60.53
3 60.94
4 61.16 60.40

Comments: Overall, the trend on the Monte was to a softer shock setup, allowing the front and rear to work together, as they need to with a larger vehicle. The final product is an example of a balanced vehicle where the rear does not over-power the front. In the end, it was easy to drive. It felt like a much smaller vehicle with a high fun factor!

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Hotchkis Performance
12035 Burke St., Ste. 13
Santa Fe Springs
CA  90670
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