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A fast and easy four-bar install for Chevy IIs

Fast and easy aren't the first two words that come to mind when you think about stripping out and replacing a complete rear suspension setup. But I'm here to tell you that those two words definitely apply when it comes to Heidt's new Chevy II four-bar conversion package. Now, seeing as I've spent most of my career in the street rod and classic truck niche, I've been extremely familiar with Heidt's suspension and steering components for years. In fact, I've used them on many of my own projects--both cars and trucks. When I heard that Heidt's had teamed with the guys at Stitz Street Rods to design, build, and market a new four-bar rear suspension upgrade for '62-'65 Chevy IIs, I had to check it out.

I arrived at Stitz Street Rods early one morning to find the guys preparing for another long day of installing one of the new Heidt's four-bar kits. I got there just as they were laying out the components and getting ready to go to work. Preparing myself for what I initially thought was going to be a one- or two-day stint at the shop covering the install, I later realized that was I mistaken; the guys had the whole project buttoned up and on the ground in less than a half day! Granted, they're professionals and had the luxury of a lift. But after witnessing the install, I'm totally confident that you or I could handle the installation at home with a floor jack and a couple of jackstands in probably about 16 or so hours. Take a look and see not only what a cool setup the new Heidt's Chevy II four-bar kit is but also just how easy and straightforward its installation is, as well.

Heidt's Hot Rod Shop
111 Kerry Ln.
IL  60084
Stitz Street Rods
958 W. 9th St., Dept CRM
CA  91786
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