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Chevy Nova Full Tube Chassis - Fit To Be Tied

The Chassisworks Nova Gets Cut Apart...Then Reconnected

Chassisworks' famous Gemini Connector was loosened and the strut connector was removed.

The idea here was to keep the existing connector tube and attach it to the roll cage upright beneath the dash. To do this, Richard cut off the mounting pad and turned down a piece of tube to fit in the inside so that two pieces of tubing could be connected.

Then, with the other piece of tubing bent to fit under the dash connected by the turned down sleeve, the whole strut connector could be welded in place. This is designed to give the car an extremely solid feel, with no flex front to rear.

It took both Richard and Mando to come up with the correct bend and length of the tubing so that the front of the strut tube could be bolted back down with the Gemini Connector. The rear, of course, was welded to the roll cage upright.

On to the other side. This was a mirror image of the driver's side. Before any final bends were made or tubing cut, Richard went about making sure that the bar would be at the same height as the driver's side.

These two views show how the front strut was fabricated and welded in place. Next month we'll show the engine being installed, including moving the mounts back by nearly six inches. Plus, you'll also see a few more tricks with round tubing.

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