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1967 Chevy Nova Window Frames - The Perfect Frame

An Easy Fix For Rusted Out Nova Window Frames

Photography by Roy Landgrave

We opted to put the vinyl surface facing the inside of the channel and the rubber side to the glass. Chevy 2 Only's Joe Grom said he didn't think it mattered, though.

With a firm push, a gentle tap of the rubber hammer, and a constant eye on keeping the seal from gathering to one side or the other, we got the channel to fit over the edge of the glass. We did have to slightly squeeze together the frame to give it more of a solid fit.

With the edge of the window firmly sealed in the channel (it's not designed to rest all the way in) it was time to put the screws back in place to align it with the rest of the window frame. A little thread locker should help keep them from working loose.

With the frame screwed together, we used a razor blade and cut the seal flush with the top of the channel. This gave a clean and professional look to our installation.

Even the corners, where there's a small gap, was trimmed.

You can see clearly that this piece of side glass is in perfect shape. The only thing left to do is reinstall it in the door. We'll save that for another installment of Quick Tech.

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