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The Rusty Ragtop, Part 3

"If It Don't Go, Install the Engine"

Hot rodders used to derisively say about custom cars, "If it don't go, chrome it." Since Ronney Kissinger and the troops at R&R Motor Sports aren't hot rodding or customizing the Rusty Ragtop Nova, when it was time to make it go, the old-reliable straight-six needed to be installed. Using some methods that the average rebuilder might use in his or her garage, Ronney and friends use the utmost care and handle the parts delicately to ensure that all the prep and paint isn't ruined by haste or carelessness.

Once the essential parts of the running gear are nestled in place, it's time to start putting the top together. There is an art to re-assembling all the pieces it takes to make a convertible top go up and down correctly, especially on older models. Our advice is, if it scares or confuses you as much as it does us, let the experts do it. We found experts at Ronney's shop.

Home of Ron's Restorations
1629 E. Main St., Dept. SC
Siloam Springs
AR  72761
Chevy 2 Only
P.O. Box 985, Dept. SC
Mt. Washington
KY  40047
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