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Turning Rust Into Gold

Rusty Ragtop Finds a Friend--Part 1

Project cars have an energy and life of their own. Readers know this but possibly believe that magazine editors don't have to worry about getting a car back on the road. Believe it; we worry! Even with help from the best minds and products in the industry, things get delayed. Don't forget our number-one goal is to publish magazines that appeal to the varied interest of SUPER CHEVY fans around the world. Usually this means that projects are put on the back burner whenever new parts, technology, or cars come on the scene. We can't ignore technical articles that help readers complete their own cars. Sometimes, actually finishing the cars can take longer for magazine folks than for our faithful SUPER CHEVY fans.

So along comes our hero, Ronney Kissinger, who has a history of turning out Super Chevy Show Gold Class winners from his shop in Arkansas. Ronney knew the old Rusty Ragtop wasn't quite on schedule but would be a great car when finished, so he said "ship me that basket of parts and I'll put it together." Of course, "put it together" means more than just that at R&R Motorsports. That's why the unassembled car and lots of parts got trailered to Siloam Springs, and that's why there will soon be a rolling version of the Rusty Ragtop at Super Chevy Shows across the country. Follow along as you get an inside look at what it takes to not only build a great Nova but to make it Gold Class, as well. Each month, we'll give a look at what Ronney and his talented crew accomplished in their shop. Not everyone gets this kind of view, so pay attention, please.

Chevy 2 Only
P.O. Box 985, Dept. SC
Mt. Washington
KY  40047
Home of Ron's Restorations
1629 E. Main St., Dept. SC
Siloam Springs
AR  72761
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