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Third-Gen Camaro Brakes - A Quick Change for Quick Stops

We use SSBC for an easy, affordable upgrade for our third-gen's braking look and feel

By Joe Rode, Photography by

Burn 'em In
Having just completed one of the simplest and most straight forward installations of an aftermarket part that we've ever done, we were real anxious to get the car to the track and see how the SSBC's measured up to the stock units. While we did make it out to the track, the new rotors require 200 miles of driving before the zinc is properly worn off of the rotors and the new carbon metallic pads are correctly bedded in. So, as of this writing, we haven't made any banzai test stops. We'll report on our findings in the next issue. Until then, we'll just enjoy the newfound aesthetics that the billet brakes have brought to our disco-era beauty.

Stainless Steel Brakes

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By Joe Rode
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