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Muscle Car Baer Brakes - Proper Stoppers For Old-School Wheels

Serious Street System Fits Behind 15-Inchers

Back in the musclecar heyday, the only choice we had for braking systems was direct-replacement OEM (or nothing). There really were no trick rotors, cool calipers, or metallic performance pads to choose from. Now, you can deep-six that old-school brake package and replace it with the Serious Street Baer Claw System.

To the restification crowd, this will likely be embraced with unbridled enthusiasm, as it offers the best of both worlds. You'll be able to retain your OE Rally wheels, or period-perfect 15-inch diameter aftermarket wheels, and still get that sought-after Baer Claw stopping power. So, if your First-Generation Chevelle, Camaro, or other First-Gen A- or F-body is due for a brake tune-up, this package will fit the bill. It offers a direct bolt-on to either drum or disc brake spindles, as well. One part number covers all '64-72 A-Bodies and '67-69 F-bodies. Though not shown here, "Rod and Drag" packages are available to upgrade your rear brakes, and also fit behind the same types of wheels.

In our opinion, Baer is paying attention to its customers. Some of the most popular products in the enthusiast marketplace have been developed as a direct result of public demand. The old saying is true: "Build it and they will come."

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