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1955 Nomad Drum Brake Conversion - Classic Binder

Swapping Drums For Discs On A High-Tech Nomad

By Chris Fesler

With the installation just about finished, the rotor was attached to the spindle with the bearing retaining washer and spindle nut. With the rotor in place we checked for proper clearance between the rotor and the mounting hardware. With everything in check the rotor was tightened, and the caliper was installed on the new bracket.

Since the brake lines were at least 20 years old, we took the liberty of replacing them with new ones.

Finished rotor, caliper and lines.

The capacity of the old master cylinder wasn't big enough to supply the proper amount of pressure for the new disc brakes. Classis Performance Products supplied a new, larger volume master cylinder.

The original master cylinder was removed and replaced with the new, larger unit. Once everything was installed properly, the entire system had to be bled to ensure that there were no air bubbles. With the new master cylinder in place, we called it a day and packed up.

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Classis Performance Products
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By Chris Fesler
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