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Stopping Power by ECI

As you round the corner you realize you're running out of road in a hurry. The speedometer needle is pointing at 110 and you're leaning on the brakes with all your might. You're probably thinking right about now that it would have been a better investment to drop that last few hundred bucks on rear disc brakes instead of those trick, new valve covers.

You wake up in a sweat and realize the entire thing was just a bad dream. At this point it would be a perfect time to give the guys as Engineered Components, Inc. (ECI) a call and order those new rear disc brakes. When it comes to musclecars, the only thing more important than going fast is stopping faster.

Now more than ever it's important to upgrade your machine to four-wheel discs. With most of the commuter cars on the road equipped with ABS discs, stopping behind a Honda Civic or Buick Regal could pose quite a challenge. Back in the day, when the average stopping distance from 60 mph was 225 feet, having less than adequate drum brakes would suffice. With the popularity of ABS and great brakes 60-0 stopping distances are more important than ever.

ECI's kits include all the necessary parts to adapt your OE parking brake to your new discs. As we found out, due to the larger requirement for brake fluid, our current power booster had to be mated to a new, larger master cylinder. While we're on the subject of power, let's get away from a few misconceptions. First and foremost, power brakes aren't for everyone. Those of you with radical motors that produce little vacuum, you are better off without power brakes. If you're planning on running a combo that will provide adequate vacuum and you prefer a softer feeling pedal, power brakes are probably the way to go.

The kit we chose from ECI for Kerry Carter's '66 A-body is a Cadillac Eldorado-based caliper and rotor. The entire package retails for less than $500 and took us about a day and a half to complete. After the installation we took the bright orange '66 out to our test facilities at the California Speedway in Fontana to see how ECI's brakes measured up. To our delight the 60-0 mph braking distances dropped a whopping 32 feet! Now that's what we call positive results.

Road Rage Test Data

60-0 MPH
Before After
162-feet 130-feet

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