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Aftermarket Specialty Tools - Just Toolin' Around

Specialty Tools Can Help Ease The Pain While Working On Your Bow Tie Body.

By Dan Ryder, Photography by Mike Harrington

Whether you're preparing to perform a full-on restoration or just getting ready to slap some paint on your ride, something as simple as removing a window molding can become frustrating. Those little retaining clips can make you want to abort the mission, grab a bag of chips, and plop your keister in front of the television.

Not too long ago there was a quick solution to replacing a broken clip or other vehicle-specific small items: Hop in the grocery getter, cruise on over to the local salvage yard, give the owner five bucks, and go find what you need. These days most of the older vehicles are long gone from the local salvage yards, having ei- ther been crushed into a cube and recycled for soda cans or salvaged for restoration.

Thanks to the aftermarket, hundreds of specialty items can still be obtained at a price, but most car guys don't enjoy a roadblock being erected in the way of our progress. We want it and we want it now, be- cause that's just the way it is. Having the correct equipment allows you to remove the trim properly so neither it nor the stuff holding it on gets damaged.

To make a short story even shorter, you need the right tools for the job. Doesn't matter if you're pulling an intake manifold or removing irreplaceable trim for your classic. You'd be pretty scared if you were being rolled in for surgery and the doctor had a hammer and chisel sitting lonesome beside him. Since you don't deserve that, neither does your car.

Some jobs can be completed with your normal hand tools (sockets, screwdrivers, etc.), but why not make a small investment to do the job right? We would like to thank Harrison Ortis of Harrison Restorations in Upland, California, for allowing us to follow along during what they consider to be another day at the office.

Harrison Restorations
By Dan Ryder
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