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Classic Chevy Hunt - Backyards and Boneyards

The Hunt For Hidden Treasure And Automotive Ghosts

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington

Road trip, January 2008: There was a discernable chill in the morning air. The sun had just crested over the horizon and was working its way into the winter sky. Yes, even in Southern California there can be a chill in the air. On this windy day we were exploring the arid dirt roads in Southern California's high desert. We weren't prospecting for gold or seeking dinosaur bones as others may do; no, we were searching for fossils of the automotive nature. Sustained by bags of rawhide jerky and large colorful cans of carbonated caffeine, we plotted our way through nearly 400 miles of paved and unpaved roads, eagle-eyeing our favorite type of automobiles, classic Chevy iron. Of course, we favor nearly all the various types of GM vehicles; our quest for this magazine was obviously Chevrolets. It's amazing how many vehicles can be found waiting and rusting, eager for the master's touch. Are you that next master?

A word about the photos you'll see in this story: We had to promise the owners that we would not reveal the secret locations of these vehicles. It doesn't matter that much, really; in any given state in the union a road trip through the rural routes will most likely yield the same results. Just watch out for the dozen or so nearly wild dogs that will give you a run for your money.

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By Mike Harrington
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