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Milodon Oil Pan System - Added Protection

Milodon's Complete Oil System Provides Better Oiling

By Seth Millhollin

Do you know that nine times out of ten, the engine you build for your hot rod will begin to exceed the performance of the parts that it was built with? It's a fact that happens with every project.

No matter what your initial intentions are, you continually need to upgrade to be sure the combination meets the demands. Many of these upgrades won't necessarily be for sheer performance, mind you, but more to keep your engine alive and running strong.

Your engine's oiling system should be one of the first things to consider upgrading. As you become more aggressive in taking corners or begin to launch harder off the line, you will probably notice a loss in oil pressure. What's happening is the oil is sloshing around in the stock oil pan, creating a cavitation problem around the oil pump pickup. It can be for a very brief instant, but that's all it needs to cause serious damage to your engine.

A good solution to this oversight is a new oiling system from Milodon. Their kick-out-style oil pan, coupled with a unique windage tray and oil pump baffle is the key to help keeping the oil at the bottom of the sump for a constant feed to the pump and, subsequently, the bearings. Combined with Milodon's high-pressure, high-volume oil pump and a specially designed pickup, it is a low-cost, high-quality fix.

In swapping the stock oil system from the crate motor in our Classical Resurrection Camaro, we also splurged a little bit and opted for a windage tray and new main studs. To use the Milodon tray we had to remove the stock center main bolts and replace them with new, fully threaded studs. Then, we were able to fasten the windage tray in just the right position. The purpose of the windage tray is to keep the oil from whipping around the spinning crankshaft and connecting rods. Accomplishing this not only keeps the oil in the pan, so the pump can do its job, but also cuts down on the energy it takes to keep the reciprocating assembly spinning, which adds up to more power.

Originally, when we began the Camaro project (seemingly back in the Stone Age), we were content with the stock oiling system. However, since the engine in our Camaro happened to receive a Vortech supercharger recently, we felt this was a perfect example of upgrading a part that was previously thought to be up to par.

So follow along as we show you a basic overview of the upgrade. Our install went fairly quickly and was done on jackstands. In most cases the oil pan will not fit without raising the motor up a little bit. The front crossmember was notched on this car, and that allowed the pan to slide out.

By Seth Millhollin
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