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Goodmark Chevy Chevelle Interior - The Home Stretch: Goodmark Chevelle Project Car, Final

When You've Made It This Far, It's All Down Hill

Photography by Barbara Hillick

At this stage of the car-building game everything starts falling together, turning what was once a pile of parts into a real car again. Not only is this a sign you're near completion, it's also a much needed boost towards the finish line. If you have a project going of your own, you also may have run into the dreaded obstacle known as loss of motivation. Ouch! Thankfully, this project has had few, if any, speed bumps to slow production down. Even so, the occasional morale boost is always welcome (even if it comes this late in the game).

This segment covers bits and pieces of the glass, interior, and shifter installations, as well as a few other little surprises. In fact, in this and the next segment, we will be concentrating on wrapping-up the Chevelle's transformation into a virtually brand-new car. As all of this comes to fruition, we want to include every contributor, as there are more than a few, because without them, this and many other projects cars would never come to be (and they definitely would not be giveaway cars).

The interior alone took more than a dozen companies to compile and complete all the necessary parts and installation. Unfortunately, in the interest of time and space, we can only quickly touch on these parts and how they fell together to construct the beautiful hunk of steel we call the Project Goodmark Chevelle. These companies are invaluable to anyone building a project car on any scale, even if you are building a low-buck driver. Take a look and keep these aftermarket firms in mind as you move forward building your own project car.

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