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Rusty No More

We Finally Get to the Finish Line

It's been a while, a long while, in fact. But with the help of many people and their incredible skills, we want to share with you the celebration of the completion of our ever-popular Rusty Ragtop '63 Nova SS convertible! And while most of us would certainly agree that projects are seldom ever really finished, this bright red Deuce drop-top will stay the way it is for a long, long time to come. Not only do we want to enjoy it in its fully restored state, but it is important that the car be appreciated by Chevy fans who will see it at events and gatherings and understand just how well the restoration was performed by our friends in the industry.

The man most responsible for completing the one-year-only classic, Ronney Kissinger (formerly of R&R Motorsports, and who now operates Ron's Restorations), provided another tremendous service when he trailered the car from his home in Arkansas just so it could be at the Phoenix, Arizona, Super Chevy Show. The trip was well worth it, though, as the Nova attracted admirers from all over the event and glowed like the red star that it is. The combination of expert workmanship from the team of professionals at R&R Motorsports and the tremendous contribution of hard-to-find parts and restoration items from Joe Grom at Chevy 2 Only, produced what can only be described as one of the finest examples of a restored Nova SS convertible in the country.

After a weekend of constant attention, we took the spotlight off of the car and loaded it into a brand-new 24-foot cargo trailer from H&H Trailers for the trip home. Then, the following week, the car made another dazzling impression at the Pomona Super Chevy Show, where it was put on display with other magazine project cars and a stunning group of Gold Class machines. The Nova was certainly in the right company there and once again drew throngs of admirers.

With a rich history of having every part renewed, where do we go from here? We intend to display the Rusty Ragtop at a few other local Super Chevy Shows, as well as other events as a "benchmark" Gold Class machine, not as a competitive show car. We want Nova (and all) restorers to look at this classic as an example of what a great restoration car can--and should--be. Even those who aren't undertaking a project currently will be able to enjoy the car and respect the quality of work that went into it. We hope you are among them.

So with that said, the following final chapter of our Rusty Ragtop saga shows how it looks now, plus takes a glance back at some of the work that was done to bring it to this level of excellence. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed watching it go together and bringing you the photos of how it was done. About all that's left to do is reconfigure the classic's name. How does the (Once) Rusty Ragtop sound, or perhaps the (Not anymore) Rusty Ragtop. We think Eternal Classic says it all.

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