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Rusty Ragtop, Part 4--How the Pros Do It

Restoration Tips From the Gold Class Shop

Over the long restoration process of the Rusty Ragtop, the crew at Ron's Restorations showed us what is really meant by the old saying, "The devil is in the details." Much of what we've covered in previous installments has been centered on floor pans, suspensions, tops, and sub-frames. This month we're taking some time to look over the pros shoulder to see what they do that makes one car a show winner, and another just a very nice collector.

Some Chevy models are popular with manufacturers making reproduction parts, others are not. Nova parts, especially trim, are getting harder and harder to find. If you're lucky, the old stuff on your project can be saved with a little work. If you're not, then you need places such as Chevy 2 Only who we were fortunate enough to have help us when our old parts were absolute junk. Still, if you can save it, the original trim can be the way to go, if you know how to salvage it that is.

For whatever reason you are building the car, Gold Class, show car, driver, cruiser, or grocery getter, take the time to do it right. Follow along as we point out some basics of making the car as good as you want it.

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