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The Rusty Ragtop Part 2

Suspension Hanging and Engine Assembly

In our last story, the Rusty Ragtop project Nova convertible was hauled across country, scraped, pounded, straightened, and filled. The engine got a look over, but nothing was ready for prime time, so this segment of the Rusty Ragtop adventure will show what happens when the professionals get a car ready for Super Chevy's Gold Class.

In the event anyone confuses Gold Class with a Concours d'Elegance (I hope I spelled that right) or a strict restoration show, bear in mind that all these categories have somewhat different rules. Items that wear or corrode are often plated for Gold Class, but in other shows that might be considered "over-restored" or modified. About 99.9 percent of a stock entry in Gold Class is factory, but there's room for a change here and there--and if anyone knows about that, it's our builder, Ronney Kissinger. We'll try and point those out as we go along. Of course, Kissinger builds them for whatever the owner specifies; the Rusty Ragtop just happens to be patterned as a Gold Class Car.

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