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A Different Kind Of Hybrid -- Feature Article -- Super Chevy Magazine

Mike Harrington Mar 28, 2006

Al Cravens is a self-proclaimed Novaholic. His first two Novas were mere stepping-stones in achieving his idea of the ultimate streetcar. If the third time is indeed the charm, then Al can consider himself charmed. With all the advantages available to the average enthusiast, it should not be hard to conceive and produce one heck of a blacktop rocket, and this '67 Nova combines the best of all ingredients to produce a real hybrid.

We're not talking about some silly electric car, either. This is a new type of hybrid, one that combines high horsepower with all the ground-grabbing, corner-cutting, highway-cruising technology. Take one 350 small-block throw on some AFR heads, a custom ground COMP cam, a 10 percent under-driven BDS blower, Chris Alston headers, a Holley 650-cfm carb, and an N.O.S. system to boot, and you're looking at a 700hp, 602 lb-ft of torque beast that runs on pump gas.

Now add a Vintage Air system that will keep the occupants cool from the Texas heat, and you're really living it up. But going really fast and really straight was not the end goal for Al. To make sure the car handled well, a Chris Alston Chassis with adjustable QA1 coilovers and Wilwood 12-inch disc brakes were added into the hybrid mix. The drivetrain consists of a TCI transmission with a Hughes Torque converter and a Gear Vendors overdrive, toss in a Fab 9 9-inch rearend with 4-11 gears, and it'll really get lost. From the street to the strip to the highway, and everywhere else in between, Al has put together a winning combination, creating the ultimate streetcar.


0603sc_01z 1967_chevrolet_nova_ss Left_rear_view 2/4

0603sc_02z 1967_chevrolet_nova_ss Engine_view 3/4

0603sc_03z 1967_chevrolet_nova_ss Gauges 4/4

0603sc_04z 1967_chevrolet_nova_ss Shifter 5/4

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