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Christine Lockwood Knight Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Susan DeFazio 1985 coupe
A "Beater"?
You'd never think so now, after Susan Defazio of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and her husband, Sam, got their hands on this '85 coupe! The couple got this Vette six years ago and have worked hard to make it look as good as it does now. The headlight motors were broken, the interior was bad, and the paint was marked by acid rain. Sue and Sam dyed the interior black, installed red carpet and a dash mat, added red pinstripes, a Monza muffler, and used "a ton of car polish" to freshen the paint. Sue's Vette has 130,000 miles on it, but it "still runs great," this grandmother of two is proud to say!

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Linda Guenther 1993 40th Anniversary convertible
Fun of Her Own
Linda Guenther and her husband Bill of Cataula, Georgia, decided that another car, for long trips, would be in order since their son had grown and moved out of their house. Linda's car was just fine for her, even though it had high miles and was more of an "everyday car." The couple already had a '61 Vette convertible that was the "fun cruising" car-except that Bill got to drive it. Linda realized that Bill "was having most of the fun" and so Bill suggested that Linda get her "own fun car." After searching the Internet, Linda decided that this Rubt Red '93 40th Anniversary convertible was the kind of fun she was looking for, and now she says "there is nothing like a Corvette!"

Dora Surbrook 1976 coupe
A Ray Of Sunshine
What more could you ask for than a car that makes you smile? Not much according to Dora Surbrook of Grants Pass, Oregon, who describes her '76 Stingray as. "a ray of sunshine, bright, cheerful, and gorgeous." Dora fell in love with Vettes in the '60s when her older brother would take her for rides in the '64 roadster that he still owns. Later she dated a guy with a '63 split-window coupe. Her '76 was in sad shape when she got it, but with help from her husband, Wayne, plus Bob from 99 Auto Repair, and Mike from Midnight Magic (who stripped off four previous repaints), it's in good-as-new shape mechanically and looks sharp in Bright Yellow Pearl and 17-inch American mags. Dora says, "When I take her out on the highway, I just can't help but smile."

Carol Maringer 1990 coupe
Chrome and Cognac
Carol Maringer of Westmont, Illinois, calls her '90 red coupe "an outstanding example of the C4," and it is indeed. With only 60,000 miles her car is entirely stock, (including the FX3 electronically controlled suspension), except for the chrome exhaust tips that highlight the factory wheels that she had chrome plated. Part of the reason the paint and interior are in great condition is the fact that she only drives this car during the summer, storing it in the winter. And the car won Second Place in the C4 class at the 2001 Bill Kay Chevrolet Corvette Show!

Valerie Aiello 1995 coupe
Club Girl
When Valerie Aiello of DeLand, Florida, was looking for a new car, she driving a Z28, a TransAm, and a Mustang Cobra, but she was taken with her boyfriend Mike's C4. He'd been "driving and racing Corvettes for the last 25 years," Valerie says, but she'd never driven his car. She was amazed when she did. She really liked the Admiral Blue or Competition Yellow colors, and finally found this '95 Admiral Blue six-speed coupe. Now the couple are members of the Corvette Cruisers of Daytona Beach, the Corvette Club of America, the NCCC, the NCOA, the C5 Registry, and have participated in the parade lap of the Daytona Beach Rolex 24 Hour Race.




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