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Holley EFI to be Standard on COPO Chevy Camaro's starting in 2013

Aftermarket From The Factory?

Jan 3, 2013
Sucp 1301 01 Holley Hp Efi To Be Standard On Copo 2013 Chevy Camaro Web 2/2

Holley is pleased to announce that the company’s HP EFI engine control unit (ECU) will come as standard equipment on all of Chevrolet Performance’s COPO Camaro factory-built bad boys in ’13. This is the third Holley brand product to make it onto the COPO Camaro. Holley’s Hi-Ram intake manifolds and Earl’s transmission coolers were on the previous models.

What is COPO? Well it stands for Central Office Production Order and was a way dealers in the late 1960s could order factory-built high performance cars that weren’t not offered in the standard production line up. The COPO name was reintroduced in ’12 on the current-day COPO Camaro to celebrate this rich heritage. Holley EFI HP ECUs will be standard equipment on all 2013 COPO Camaros providing yet another tie to the heritage of the COPO Camaro since all of the 427cid COPO Camaros in 1969 were originally equipped with Holley carburetors.

The modern day COPO is the fastest Camaro ever to come out of Chevrolet and the Holley EFI ECU will have the important task of managing both the fuel delivery and ignition timing. COPO Powertrain Program Manager, Robin Wright said, "The Holley LS "Hi-Ram" intake manifold is a significant performance element for the COPO Camaro. The addition of Holley's HP EFI Engine Management System for 2013 will increase user-friendliness and COPO customers will truly enjoy features like lb/hr based fueling and self-tuning fuel table strategies plus internal data logging with 2GB of memory.”

For more information on Holley EFI go to

The COPO is limited production. For a chance to buy a 2013 COPO, get on the COPO Mailing List at



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