Barry Grant - Then And Now

His Road To Success - A Quarter-Mile At A Time

Randy Fish Jul 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)

As technology progressed, so did BG Fuel Systems. This was the first company of its kind to discontinue the practice of hand porting carburetor venturii, as the computerized digital probe was much more precise. BG's engineering team utilizes the latest in Cad Cam and Pro Engineered solid-modeling software. Out in the production department, the company features 17 different CNC machines for manufacturing. To maintain quality control, each carburetor that's ready for sale is tested on a 2,000-cfm wet-flow bench. Every regulator and fuel pump is also wet-flow tested on a specially designed fixture, in order to meet strict company standards.

As BG Fuel Systems grew larger, Grant developed Nitrous Works, and later designed and manufactured Demon Carburetors, beginning with a clean sheet of paper. Never one to stand still, Rush Performance Filters became a new part of the family at Barry Grant Incorporated. Top quality materials are imported from Europe, making Rush the natural choice for a complete BG induction system. As Barry stated, "I build products that I'd want to purchase myself. And, in order to keep up with quality control, we've instituted a new program where an employee ID number is affixed to each individual item, increasing traceability for overall quality control." Though Barry Grant builds expensive King Demon racing carburetors, the majority of production is geared towards street enthusiast and hot rod applications. By the way, these are no more expensive than competitive products. However, numerous patented features are built right in.

Business aside, Barry's undying passion for drag racing has found him competing in Pro Stock-the highest (and most sophisticated) category for carbureted, gasoline-burning race cars. Since the mid '90s, he's surrounded himself with the best equipment and personnel in the game. However, Pro Stock happens to be the most competitive of all classes, as well as the most difficult to master. Barry Grant is the type of guy that relishes a challenge, and meets it head-on.

His Pro Stock motor program is spearheaded by Frank Iaconio Racing Engines (F.I.R.E.). With these naturally aspirated bullets, horsepower gains generally come in small increments. To help verify (and tweak) the power combinations, Grant has a 2,000 hp DTS engine dyno in-house, complete with its own separate temperature and humidity system for maximum control of testing conditions. Trackside, veteran Buddy Ingersoll serves as Crew Chief, calling the shots, with tuning input from Barry himself. While working on this story, we spent a few weekends in the pit area of Barry's Pro Stock Cavalier, and our time together is always informative, as well as entertaining. Fortunately for Barry, his lovely wife Robin, not only accompanies him to the races, her expertise as company CFO is also a great benefit. Oh, Robin's not only attractive, this moonshiner's daughter is a dyed-in-the-wool car gal, who went to LeMans one year just to see what the legendary 24-hour road race was all about. As always, we had a great time with Barry, Robin, and the crew.


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