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Weather Pak Electrical Connectors - Get Connected

Clean Up Your Wires With Weather-Tight Connections

Mike Petralia May 1, 2002

To reach detailing perfection you've got to look at all the areas in your car. You need to pay especially close attention to those hidden areas under your hood and in the trunk that may go unnoticed to the casual observer but will attract way too much attention from your scrutinizing peers if left unattended.

Wiring is something we all loathe. It's a task most of us would rather leave to someone else but unfortunately can never find anyone good enough to do the job right. So we're stuck crimping connections under the dash while we're lying on our backs holding a flashlight in our mouth just so we don't burn the carpet with our drop light! There must be a better way, and although we may not have found a cure to make all the wiring nightmares go away, we've certainly found something that'll make it all last a bit longer and look a ton better when it's done.

We're not sure exactly who to give credit to for inventing what's widely known as the "Weather Pak" connector; all we know is that once you've learned how easy it is to make these ultra-reliable connections, you'll never use anything else. The Weather Pak connector is a moisture-resistant, silicone-sealed, self-locking, high-temp, all-purpose connector that will take the abuse and hold together whether you're bouncing down the Baja or bruising on the Boulevard. It used to be that these fancy connectors were harder than impossible to get, so nothing but new cars had them. Lately several smart aftermarket companies have got a hold of them, and now Weather Pak connections are about as easy to get as a speeding ticket on Saturday night.

Plug And Play
The coolest thing about Weather Pak connections is probably their reliable self-locking design and their multitude of sizes. There are connectors for one, two, three, four, and six wires, which can connect almost any automotive accessory or circuit. And although you can't lay them on top of your exhaust manifolds and expect them to survive, they will live just about anywhere else on the car. The silicon-rubber sealing gaskets that go on each wire and around the entire connection helps keep dirt and water out. And that's not just good for cutting down on short-circuits either, because by keeping moisture from direct contact with the aluminum connections inside, corrosion will be almost non-existent.

For those of you that rely on your connections for more than just driving around town everyday, with properly assembled Weather Pak connectors wired into your car you'll never have to worry about losing a race due to a lost connection. The snap-lock design built into these puppies is so tight that they'll never vibrate loose. But they can be pulled apart in a snap if you need to disconnect the power for something.

We like to use them on any accessory and engine connection that may need to be changed, serviced, or removed in the future. And when you finish things off with some shrink-tubing or flex conduit and the Weather Pak connections, your wiring job will look way high-tech indeed.

The following companies all sell Weather Pak connections but may have a different name for them, such as Weather Tight, etc.


Wilson Manifolds
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jacobs Electronics
Laurinburg, NC 28352

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