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Bill "The Thrill" Hill - Driver Profile

He Looks Like A Racer, Acts Like A Racer, And Drives Like A Racer

Tony Kelly Apr 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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The first time we saw Bill Hill the first thought that came to mind was that he reminded us of legendary racer Doug Cook of the also legendary team of Stone, Woods, and Cook, kings of the gasser wars during the '60s. Maybe the two don't even look that much alike, although our memory never fails us (sure!), but it's something about a racer that just shows through. Bill always looks as though the time spent out of the race car is just time spent getting ready to get back in the driver's seat and roll. There's racing and then there's everything in between, for Mr. Hill.

Bill Hill's Nitro Coupe team hails from St. Louis, which makes it a natural for its sponsor, Budweiser. The '69 Nova that they now race is one of the most popular and identifiable Nitro Coupes on the Super Chevy circuit. It's such a good-looking car that we have plans to run as a feature in a future issue of SUPER CHEVY. Bill and partner Rich Mathews got the car as a daily driver, and one day they decided to cut it up and make a racer. Came out just great. Of course, a Littlefield 14-71 blower on 526 ci of motor, cranking out about 3,000 horses, definitely helps make it a race car. Always in contention, and always with plenty of time for fans, Bill and his team have run 230 mph on several occasions, and the Super Chevy faithful were ecstatic to see the team take the finals at the Dallas Super Chevy Show this year.

Bill has over 20 years of racing experience, beginning as a hand with Rusty Wallace in the early days at Lakehill Speedway in St. Louis. He has been with Team Budweiser for many of those years, campaigning a '70 Camaro for some time. Nitro Coupes excited Bill and the team, and they jumped in during the '98 season when they first built the '69 Nova that they race today. Not only do they race hard (and their car looks good), but they also took the Simpson Best Appearing Crew award at Norwalk, Ohio, in the summer of 2001. This is a class act and it shows.


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