Weber 48IDA Downdraft Carburetors - Imagine That!

Bob McClurg Mar 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

Imagine Fuel Injection also builds a number of use "specific" wiring harnesses that interface with their electronic throttle body fuel injection systems. Wire looms are available for most popular small- and big- block applications."

Of course, you can talk all day about how great a product is, but how well does it hold up in real world situations? Experienced dyno man, Terry Kell, of Las Vegas, Nevada, says this system is one of the best thing he's ever laid hands on.

Testing at Kell's Las Vegas dyno shop was done using a Brand-X engine built by famed engine builder, and Bonneville land speed record holder Mike "260-mph" LeFevers. "We pitted our system against a Holley 850-equipped Edelbrock Victor dual- plane intake. We recorded torque, horsepower, and exhaust gas temperatures. At 4,500 rpm the Holley/Edelbrock setup produced its most significant amount of torque, 406.24 lb-ft while the Imagine Fuel Injection throttle body setup produced 427.19 lb-ft Optimum horsepower figures for the Holley came in at 5,500 rpm, registering 399.98 hp. On the other hand, the Imagine IR system recorded its top horsepower figures at 5,000 rpm, registering a solid 418.96 hp.

Naturally, with any IR type intake setup, the exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) were also more closely matched between cylinders. The Imagine Injection IR system showed as much as a 400-degree temperature drop between engine cylinder temperatures. And, due to the very nature of the electronic engine management system itself, the engine ran extremely clean."

What about airflow numbers? "Due to the very nature of the IR design, airflow is measured quite differently than with a conventional carburetor. However, these systems will ideally-flow approximately 1,000 cfm.

"This is really one of the best intake systems to have for a Chevy street machine, street rod, or sportsman class race car," says Imagine's Wes Henderson. "It runs as smooth as a Mercedes, yet exhibits absolutely crisp throttle response while exhibiting a slight lope, which gives you an indication of the performance potential which lies beneath the hood."

How do you lay your hands on one of these killer IR setups? Should you already own a Weber setup or already have the intake manifold, any, or all of these components, can be purchased separately, or you can purchase "the whole ball of wax" for about the same money you'd hand over for a fully decked-out Weber 48IDA setup. The choice is yours-great looks, old technology, or same great looks with all the high-tech modern advancements.


Imagine Fuel Injection
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