Australian V-8 Super Tourer Class - Racing (Sedans) In The Streets

Australia's V-8 Super Tourer Series Is A Classic Chevy Vs Ford Battlefield

Steve Fynmore Feb 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

In a gesture that thumbs its nose at modern turbocharged technology, the small-block lives on under the bonnet of the modern V-8 Super Tourer. Although tuners can do almost anything to the induction system to extract around 650 horsepower from their injected, de-stroked small-blocks, there are no overhead camshafts or aluminium LS1 motors in these cars. Blocks must be cast-iron and components must bear a Chevrolet or Ford part number to be legal.

The superior speed of the Chevy-powered Holden Racing Team brought the factory Commodores of Craig Lowndes and series leader Mark Skaife home in a 1-2 finish in Sunday's 53-lap feature race in Canberra-just ahead of Glen Seton's Ford Falcon.

In true "run what you brung tradition," the race-winning cars of Lowndes, Skaife, and Seton have exactly the same sheetmetal as the family sedans that many spectators drove to the track. High-tech and European means nothing to these people; these thousands came to see a Chevy versus Ford tussle fought out on the streets of their national capital. No doubt they'll be back next year proudly bearing their allegiance in Holden or Ford team jackets-which just goes to show that when two sides go to war, passion and tradition will always win out over technology.


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