NRE 2500HP Big-Block Chevy Causes Black Hole on Dyno

Ed Note: explicit language is used in this video.

Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) makes some of the most visually appealing and powerful turbo combinations around. You’ll see NRE’s works of mechanical art in some of the most flawless builds from SEMA to the pages of Hot Rod as well as in Australia’s most insane street builds. So it should come as no surprise that a big-block Chevy from NRE could cause a black hole.

The big-block Chevy in question is an NRE632, part of the Twin Turbo Race Warrior series, that makes roughly 2,500 horsepower on race gas. Specs include a Dart 10.2-inch deck block with 4.6-inch bores, forged Callies crank and JE pistons, Oliver billet rods, Aviad dry sump oiling, solid roller cam, T&D rockers, and Brodix 440cfm heads. NRE adds one of its signature fabricated billet aluminum intake manifolds (aka “Alien”) with two fuel injectors per cylinder, stainless steel turbo headers, NRE’s patented symmetrical 88mm turbos, TiAL blow-off valve and 44mm wastegates. The big-block Chevy is topped off with a custom intercooler and dual throttle bodies.

Builder and fabricator Tom Nelson describes the engine setup and what happens as NRE attempts to dyno test the turbocharged 632-cube behemoth. “It’s bottoming our dyno out…1,752 ft-lbs is actually the bottom of the dyno…it won’t read any higher than that.” Despite this, the crew presses on. But they encounter another issue. This big-block Chevy’s appetite is so large, it sucks all of the air out of the dyno cell. Rather than rely on the normally sufficient 4-foot fan and intake inlet, Nelson removes the window to the control room and uses three fans to create a positive pressure area in the room. At 22psi it appears there may still be some headroom by the end of the test, but that will have to do until the motor arrives in Australia and receives its new home. After all, the true test of this sort of motor is at the drag strip.




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