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Bloomington Gold Certification Chevrolet Corvette Judging Contest - Gold Certification(r) Judging

Factory Authentic Corvettes

Jul 1, 2004
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The National Corvette Certification Board (NCCB) has certified thousands of the most authentic Corvettes in the world. Not only have other Corvette organizations tried to copy our format, name, and philosophy, other non-Corvette organizations have as well. The GoldCertificate created in 1978 has become an international symbol for high standards and the icon from which the entire organization later received its name: Bloomington Gold.

The unique Bloomington GoldCertification judging method was created to encourage owners to preserve or restore their Corvettes to factory authentic condition and to recognize their efforts in these endeavors. All Corvettes in Certification are judged against a factory standard for a given model year. This factory standard is referred to as "typical factory production" or TFP. The cars are strictly judged on how well they adhere to the TFP standard for their year; "No better, no worse, no different." A Gold Certified Corvette appears as it would have just after completion on the factory assembly line. This does not mean a Bloomington Gold car is cosmetically perfect ... factory cars weren't.

Unlike other shows, our judges are carefully chosen for their knowledge of original Corvettes. Their responsibility is to identify historical perfection as opposed to cosmetic perfection; there is a huge difference. Since the Corvettes are competing against a factory standard, all cars that meet that standard can be awarded a Gold Certificate.

Open to C1 through C5Corvettes, restored or not.Inquiries: Lewis Russell, (618) 937-2030 or $300 Includes Four-Day Pass for two people.

Special Note: If any class (e.g., 1956-'57, 1963-'64, 1967, etc.) exceeds 10 registrants, a lottery will be held to determine which cars will be judged and which will be placed on a waiting list. To be eligible for the lottery, your signed registration form and registration fee must be received by April 3, 2004. Registrations received after April 3 will be put in sequence on the wait list if your class is already filled at that time.

Survivor(r) JudgingUnrestored CorvettesAs the name implies, 1984 and earlier Corvettes that have never been restored have "survived" intentional or unintentional loss of original markings, paint, and components. Corvettes remaining over 50 percent unrestored or unmodified may qualify for this award if they remain in a condition that would serve well as a historic guide for others who want to restore a Corvette of that vintage and type. This award is designed to recognize those Corvettes that are "worn in, but not worn out." A Survivor Corvette is significantly unrestored, unrepaired, or unmodified and useful as a historic reference. It is a Corvette that, in the best interest of research, should not be restored or improved. Again, as with Certification, the cars are judged against a factory standard and not against one another. The technical portion of the judging is eliminated, and instead the Corvettes must complete a 40-mile road test under their own power in an established time frame. Survivors must pass at least three of the four categories of exterior, interior, engine/compartment, and chassis, and be 20 years old or older. Since the advent of this award, there is now a reason for further preservation of Corvettes whose histories and character may have otherwise been lost. Survivor Corvettes are the Corvettes judges and restorers seek out to study.

Inquiries: Lewis Russell(618) 937-2030 orrussells@intrnet.netRegistration: $200 Includes Four-Day Pass for two people.

Benchmark(r) JudgingAmerica's Most Authentic CorvettesThis is America's most prestigious Corvette award. The Benchmark award is for those rare, select Corvettes that represent the ultimate in factory originality and condition. Benchmark Corvettes are not only unrestored, but are also in showroom new condition. In other words, it's as if it were put in a time capsule at the time of factory delivery and preserved that way until the day it was judged. These cars would obviously make the perfect research pieces for anyone doing a restoration or trying to learn about cars of that vintage and type ... hence the name Benchmark.

Corvettes must be judged in both Survivor and Certification during the same weekend. Only Corvettes qualifying in all four of the categories of Survivor, as well as the 40-mile road test and receiving Gold Certification at the same Bloomington Gold will be awarded the highly coveted and prestigious Benchmark Award. These Corvettes are truly the benchmarks of the marque.

Inquiries: Lewis Russell, (618) 937-2030 or $150 Includes Four-Day Pass for two people.

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