DSE Hits One Lap of America

Kyle Tucker and Ryan Matthews head out with 2012 Camaro

Camp 1305 01 Dse Hits One Lap Of America 2012 2/2

In just eight weeks the crew at Detroit Speed transformed a bone stock Camaro into a pure racing machine complete with the new Detroit Speed front Coilover Race kit and rear Coilover Conversion kit along with a host of DSE's complete fifth-gen Camaro race inspired suspension kit.

The Camaro is armed with a Mast Motorsports dry sump LS7. Through various aspects of testing and tuning this ’12 Camaro is ready to compete on one of the most grueling of race stages: The One Lap of America.

The One Lap of America is simply twenty-four-hours a day driving with competition taking place as time trials on race tracks throughout the country. The event is purely based on endurance and how well each vehicle is prepared to handle the 3,380 miles of driving.

With a minimum of two drivers per team and no support crews allowed, these racers are on their own. Although scoring is based solely on performance at the race tracks, the issue becomes battling fatigue and hunger. The One Lap of America dates back to the early seventies of the Cannonball runs and results are based on the pure determination and heart of the drivers behind the wheel.




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