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Permatex, maker of Spray Nine, a leading brand of specialty cleaning products, has donated sorely needed cleaning and disinfectant supplies to storm victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy's devastating blow to the U.S. East Coast. The Spray Nine cleaning products were provided to Gemma E. Moran United Way Labor Food Center (New London, Connecticut) and Staten Island Giving Circle (Staten Island, New York). From these rescue centers, the products were distributed to nearby residents affected by the storm.

The Spray Nine products were very welcomed and came in handy for storm victims who needed the products to clean up their homes and businesses. Charles Ciaoclo of the Staten Island Giving Circle thanked Permatex for their donation and expressed his gratitude for helping the needy people of Staten Island. "The families hit by Storm Sandy are coming to the Guyon Rescue to receive cleaning products to clean and disinfect their homes. The product most asked for is Spray Nine as it also kills mold, which helps expedite their recovery," Ciacolo added.

Christine Patterson, Product Manager at Permatex, coordinated the donation program, which included Spray Nine Multipurpose Cleaner/Disinfectant, Adirondack Cleaner, and disposable gloves. Patterson noted that everyone at Permatex was delighted to have the opportunity to make a difference and help our neighbors in need.




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