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That will get the ball rolling and get you ready for the upcoming Easter holiday. Now some of you poor saps won’t get any time off for this holiday and that’s a shame, but never fear because I am authorizing a minimum three-day weekend for you unless your Dad owns the company in which case I authorize a full week. I mean seriously, what employer in their right mind would ask you to suffer through that massive gap between President's Day and Memorial Day without a solid project season holiday?

I know some will say but that only leaves the 4th of July and Labor Day holidays to get the rest of our projects done. It’s just not enough time.

Not so grasshopper.

That's just your conscience talking. Ignore it and get creative. Did you forget about Father's Day? Shabam! or Mother's Day, for that matter? Shabambam! Look, I just got you six more days without breaking a sweat.

Anyone have a birthday during project season? Booya! Me too, it’s May 3rd in case you're wondering, and I always give myself a three-day weekend ... minimum.

Can you say bonus holidays? I can, and here are five of them you can easily add to project season.

St. Patricks Day, for starters. C’mon, you claim to be Irish so they expect you to call in hungover anyway, right? Hell, we might as well toss in Cinco De Mayo too. Throw in Tax Day Monday, April 18th and the U.S. Open Golf tournament weekend in June to flush out our project weekends and you should have enough days to rebuild you're entire car, never mind your actual vacation, which can easily slide into project season. This gives you anywhere between five and fifteen bonus days of unadulterated, knuckle-busting nirvana. My own project season is about to kick off with the installation of a beautiful, brand new crate motor from GM Performance Parts mated to a 700R4 tranny. Yeah, happy birthday to me, right?

So what are you waiting for? Get it on!

I’m just sayin


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