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Chevy Explodes in Flames as Lit Cigar and Boo-Coo Cologne Mix

John Gilbert May 21, 2018
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How to avoid a close shave with a fiery death: Do you know a cigar, or cigarette smoker that wears just a tad too much cologne and smokes in their car… perhaps a coworker, or erstwhile friend. A Baltimore, Maryland cigar smoker blew up his boss’s Chevy SST catering van after dousing with a flammable cologne (body spray) and then lighting a cigar. Witnesses reported an acrid smell consisting of pork chops, cigar smoke, cheap cologne and smoldering Chevrolet upholstery fumes as the Chevy SST reappeared in the clearing smoke.

Credit for the photos seen here goes to CBS Channel 13 in Baltimore, Maryland, and thanks to Baltimore Sun contact reporter Christina Tkacik Super Chevy can share Tkacik’s words. “A car blew up in Woodlawn Thursday after the driver spritzed an aerosol body spray in the vehicle and then lit a cigarette, according to Baltimore County Police.

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Baltimore County Police spokeswoman Jennifer Peach said the driver was running the car’s air conditioning with the front windows rolled down as he sprayed the body spray. When he was finished, he lit a cigarette.

What followed, Peach said, “I would say it would be best to describe as a sudden and violent expansion of the air molecules in that vehicle.” It created a boom that blew the car’s doors open, pushed the roof up and shattered the front window.

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The driver appeared unharmed, said Peach, but was taken to the hospital to check for hearing damage. The car, a Chevy, bore the sign of a local catering company. A call to that company was not immediately returned. The takeaway? Don’t use body spray inside a car, police spokeswoman Natalie Litofsky said.”

There was no mention whether the cologne drenched and cigar smoke saturated pork chops were discarded, or ultimately offered as a new flavor.

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