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Mistakes happen and some are definitely bigger than others

Mea Culpa

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Mistakes happen. As much as I would like to be perfect, the truth is there are a lot of words in each issue and try as I might, errors slip through. And yeah, we’re a team here at Super Chevy, but since I captain this ship the buck stops (and starts) with me. Little mistakes happen, but November was a doozy. For some odd reason the cover car was called an Impala instead of a Bel Air. Yeah, that’s slightly better than calling a Chevelle a Nova, but not by much. When I first got the printed issue the mistake jumped out at me, so why wasn’t it noticed sooner? Maybe I had been working over an Impala story and had it stuck in my gray matter. Maybe I was looking at the big picture and missed the important detail. It’s correct in the story and in the table of contents. Hell, I’m even friends with the builder so I know what the car is. Nobody else saw it either before it headed to the printing press. That would have been nice, but it’s not their job to catch my errors so the apology is mine to give. Sorry.

Mistakes are funny things. In the December issue I did a huge story on the evolution of LS engines over the years. I worked on this for months, read it dozens of times and even had it fact checked by engineers at GM (who rock, by the way) and yet still, somehow I referred to a 4.8L LS as an LQ4 (really a 6.0L iron block LS) instead of an LR4. Really? Hundreds of details in that story, but now the reader will focus on that one mistake. The web is great since mistakes can be fixed with a bit of keyboard slapping and mouse manipulation. Once a mistake is printed, it’s there forever, staring at you. Unchangeable.

So know that your team here at Super Chevy, mostly myself, are human and we do actually feel bad when we make the inevitable error. Know that we don’t have a room full of copy editors (my wife reads my stuff and tries to limit my word crimes) and that the editors here aren’t journalism majors (or English majors). We’re just car guys like yourselves. Oh, and if you do catch an error, feel free to let me know, I don’t even mind a good natured ribbing about it. In exchange, I’ll try not call any more Bel Airs Impalas.

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