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What’s new today will eventually be replaced as technology keeps pushing the envelope further

Tech Bubble: Today’s best is eventually replaced by even better

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Technology marches on. Yep, what’s new and cool today will eventually be tossed aside in favor of the newer and cooler. I was reminded of this when I was over at Best Of Show Coachworks and they were working on a 1957 Corvette. It was a mostly stock ride with the original (albeit rebuilt) small-block rockin’ its original Rochester fuel injection system. Now, back in 1957 this was pretty serious technology in an automotive world ruled by the carburetor and I’m sure they thought it was the step immediately preceding the flying cars they were promised. But, as bleeding edge as that early fuel injection was it was eventually left in the dust of innovation. The Vette was at BOS to have the Rochester removed (to be carefully stored away) in favor of a modern EFI throttle body from FiTech. The new FiTech unit is smaller, far more efficient, and thanks to modern electronics is light years ahead of the old Rochester that at one time was “the most amazing thing ever.” But that’s how things work. Even today’s carburetors are much better than what was available 20 years ago.

In fact, I still remember the mid 90’s and how I considered swapping a Gen II LT1 into a friend’s Camaro. Yep, the LT1, a pretty cool engine, but one that led to Opti Spark being considered a curse word. There was a time when the LT1 was “the” engine to have, but then came the Gen III LS1. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since that all-aluminum wonder mill hit the scene. It quickly became the “next big thing” but it wasn’t long until the LS1 gave way to the LS2, which quickly yielded to the Gen IV LS3, which was later overshadowed by the LS7. Then GM started slapping blowers on top. By 2013, we had titanium infused LS7s and 600+ horsepower LS9s. It was nirvana. But, the technology clock never stops ticking and it wasn’t long before the LS platform met its end and Chevrolet ramped up the Gen V LT1. Full of the latest tech, such as direct injection, the LT series is shaping up to be a hell of a mill, at least until the next big leap is made. We know sometimes it’s hard to let go of what we’re familiar with, after all, we’re sure some people are still rockin’ cassette and VHS tapes. But, even the best that technology has to offer today is eventually going to be replaced by things we haven’t even thought of yet, which is just fine with us. The king is dead, long live the king!

Fitech Efi Corvette 2/2

Replaced in 2017 by a less expensive, smaller, simpler, and far better EFI unit.



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