Watch the Second Most Moronic Corvette Crash Ever Filmed

Corvette vs. Corvette: Street Race Crash

John Gilbert Mar 25, 2016 0 Comment(s)
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It’s a good thing Wally Thudmeyer (not his real name) had his iPhone camera rolling when this pair of color-matched C5 and C6 Corvettes decided to drag race from a traffic signal. The video starts out slow with bicyclists and pedestrians crossing the two Corvette’s path while they’re revving at a red light. Wally’s girlfriend Bernice Smithers (not her real name) changes the radio station and as soon as the ad for the Bagel Barn (not a real place) comes on the two Corvettes leave the line rubber free rolling into a full-throttle romp. The Vette in the right lane starts to get squirrely, but its driver doesn’t lift. A hard right, a hard left, a hard right … a soft left and the Corvette from the right lane plows into the Corvette in the left lane. The moral of the story? Always have your iPhone ready and never ride your bicycle at night without wearing white.

002 C5 Corvette Versus C6 Street Race Crash At The Line 2/3
003 C5 Corvette Versus C6 Street Race Crash Game Over 3/3




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