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Here’s How to Make This 1980 Malibu California Smog-Exempt

Support S.B.1239

John Gilbert Mar 16, 2016
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Last week we reported California State Senator Ted Gaines reintroduced S.B.1239, the bill to exempt all motor vehicles prior to the 1981 model year from the emissions inspection requirement. This new law would extend the current law that covers up to 1975 vehicles and expands coverage to 1976-1980 vehicles. Please click the following link to read how you can help pre-1981 California vehicles to become smog-exempt: http://www.superchevy.com/news/1603-you-can-help-pre-1981-california-cars-to-become-smog-exempt-heres-how/

After posting the article last week, I wrote individual emails to the Senators in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee that will be considering the bill and discovered sending an email to a Senator’s direct email address is ineffective. Don’t bother trying to contact a Senator by his or her email address as it triggers a blanket response that advises one to contact the Senator at his or her website to express your concerns. Also, I have a theory that contacting a Senator from a district that you’re not a constituent of might decrease your odds of being heard. Look up who the Senator is for your district.

The message you send via the Senator’s website will route you through a gauntlet of unpaid college interns, staff assistants, Legislative Correspondents (LCs), Legislative Assistants, (LAs), and lastly the Senator. To gain support for S.B.1239 it will take a lot of people to persevere a process that’s seemingly designed to wear people out. Contact the Senator for your district and express you would like them to support S.B.1239.

002 1980 Blown Malibu SB1239 Smog Exempt Poster 2/5

That said, we’ve included the web address of each Senator on the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, so please make contact and ask the Senators to support passing S.B.1239.

Senator Jim Beall (Chair) Democrat 15th District
Visit: http://sd15.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about Senator Beall
Email: senator.beall@senate.ca.gov

Senator Anthony Cannella (Vice Chair) Republican 12th District
Visit: http://district12.cssrc.us/ to learn more about Senator Cannella
Email: senator.cannella@senate.ca.gov

Senator Ben Allen Democrat 26th District
Visit: http://sd26.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about Senator Allen
Email: senator.allen@senate.ca.gov

Senator Pat Bates Republican 36th District
Visit: http://district36.cssrc.us/ to learn more about Senator Bates
Email: senator.bates@senate.ca.gov

Senator Cathleen Galgiani Democrat 5th District
Visit: http://sd05.senate.ca.gov/
Email: senator.galgiani@senate.ca.gov
(Thank you, Senator Galgiani for authoring S.B.549)

Senator Ted Gaines Republican 1st District author S.B.1239
Visit: http://gaines.cssrc.us/ to learn more about Senator Gaines
Email: senator.gaines@senate.ca.gov

Senator Connie Leyva Democrat 20th District
Visit: http://sd20.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about Senator Leyva
Email: senator.leyva@senate.ca.gov

Senator Mike McGuire Democrat 2nd District
Visit: http://sd02.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about Senator McGuire
Email: senator.mcguire@senate.ca.gov

Senator Tony Mendoza Democrat 32nd District
Visit: http://sd32.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about Senator Mendoza
Email: senator.mendoza@senate.ca.gov

Senator Richard Roth Democrat 31st District
Visit: http://sd31.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about General Roth
Email: senator.roth@senate.ca.gov

Senator Robert Wieckowski Democrat 10th District
Visit: http://sd10.senate.ca.gov/ to learn more about Senator Wieckowski
Email: senator.wieckowski@senate.ca.gov
(Known for his Made in California Job Initiative)

003 1980 Blown Malibu SB1239 Smog Exempt Comittee 3/5
004 1980 Blown Malibu SB1239 Smog Exempt Senator Ben Allen 4/5
005 1980 Blown Malibu SB1239 Smog Exempt Reply  Email Reply 5/5



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