How-To Remove a Russian Chevelle Rearend Then Putin Back

Putin Out Chevelle Rearend

John Gilbert Feb 9, 2016 0 Comment(s)
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OK, so maybe the car getting drawn and quartered in the Moscow snow isn’t a Russian Chevelle, but you have to admit those Russian fellers sure can get creative when there are only so many hand tools and the rear axle needs to come out for repairs.

The first 10 persons to respond on Super Chevy’s Facebook page and identity the brand of this car—be it Moskvitch, Lada, Zil, Gaz, Ural SS, or whatever kind of Russian car it is—will automatically be inducted into the official Super Chevy Hall of People With Too Much Time on Their Hands Award.

Please note due to the financial constraints of shipping such a heavy, prestigious award out of the United States, Customs officials will only allow the award to exist in our mind. That said, if you are among the first 10 people to identify the make of this Russian car on Super Chevy’s Facebook page you will have bragging rights to impress your friends, whether they are real human bipeds or just cyber friends that only exist as electrical impulses in cyberspace.

And now for the boilerplate: Said bragging rights may contain the words, phrases, and expressions: Putin, puttin’ back, rearend repair, Chevelle abuse, moronic idiots playing in the snow, and gee look at that.

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