Shocking Corvette News! GM Files to Trademark Corvette E-Ray Nameplate

Electric Eel

John Gilbert Dec 21, 2015 0 Comment(s)
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No, Homer Simpson didn’t design the new electric Corvette, but it is a breaking story that General Motors just filed two applications to register “Corvette E-Ray” and “E-Ray” as trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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There’s no denying electric powered cars can be fast, and if the electricity used to recharge an electric vehicle doesn’t come from a coal fired generating station or a nuclear power plant there shouldn’t be too much for anyone to complain about. That is unless of course the electric vehicle in question is a variant of an American sports car long known for producing gobs of horsepower from burning premium gasoline, and its following is comprised solely of hardcore traditionalists.

Just a dumb guess, but we’d say an all-electric variant of the Corvette would be an incredibly interesting addition to Chevrolet’s stable, and would be well received in a lot of different circles. With the hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 making huge waves, it is no wonder GM is considering dipping the Corvette’s toe into the EV realm. Imagine if a four-door electric safety-sedan like the Tesla can blow the doors off almost anything in its path what a two-seater sports car with Corvette’s heritage could do? How about an AWD Corvette with 400hp wheel motors at every corner? Lookout Ford GT this would push the Corvette’s ranking atop the supercar realm.

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